2018/9 public presentations


27/28. September, Videovortex, Malta (paper presentation)

16/26. September, 2019, Central European University, Budapest and Vienna (guest lecturer)

19/24. August, 2019: RE:Sound, Media Art Histories Conference,University of Aalborg (paper presentation)

7/9. June, 2019: Art in the Anthropocene Conference, Trinity Colledge, Dublin (paper presentation

10. May, 2019: Faculty of philosophy, University of Zadar (guest lecturer)

9. May, 2019: Subvesive film festival, Zagreb (book presentation)

25. April, 2019: Merging the Split Conference, Split (panel discussion)

15. March, 2019: University of Ljubljana (guest lecturer)


28/29. October: 2018: Festival Prvih, KNAP, Zagreb (book presentation)

16. May 2018: Experimentând socialismul, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Bucharest (paper presentation)


9/16. September, 2017: Split film festival, Split (book presentation)

23/25. November, 2017: Re:Trace conference, University of Danube, Krems and Austrian Academy of Science, Vienna (paper presentation)

26. June/1 July, 2017: Metamedia - Život na internetu: radionica spekulativne dizajnerske prakse, Pula (book presentation)

23/24. May, 2017: Fear and Loathing of the Online Self, John Cabott University & Roma Tre, Rome (paper and book presentation)

17. March, 2017, Days of Art History, Faculty of Philosophy, Rijeka (paper presentation)